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Your team has been assigned to the investigation of quadratics. You group members will all use the links provided as well as other resources(class notes, algebra 32 book, library resources) to become experts at solving quadratics. There are mulltiple methods to solving quadratics: factoring, quadratic formula, completing the square, graphing, square roots, so your task as a team is to make sure you investigate all these methods. Then, you and your teammates will use your expertise to pick the most efficient method to solve a real world applications of quadratics.

You should achieve the following goals:
1) develop an interest in the study of Quadratics
2)use the power of the Internet for advanced exploration
3) learn information about key aspects of Quadratics
4) learn all the above methods to solve quadratics
5)work with your teammates to solve a real world application of Quadratics
6) work with teammates to use the most efficient method of solving the real world Quadratics.