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Link to Algebra 12 and 32 online book
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SAT Practice
 For the SAT Practice link:

          SAT's are an entrance exam for most colleges and it is important that we do well. The math section
 counts for 1/3 of the exam. This link gives you practice questions that are similar, and in some cases,
 identical to past SAT questions.
        Once you are at the link, you may uncheck the boxes for Critical Sections 1 and Critical Sections 2.
 After doing so, click: Begin Exam. This exam will be great math practice for the SAT's and the questions
 change every time you go onto the website. When you are done you can see which ones you got right and                                
wrong and can click for additional help!
        The more practice for the SAT's the better, so good luck! Hope this helps!  

Students working hard

Parent involvement with math education
Parent College Information
Practice math with your kids!


Connecticut Math Curriculum (click on math 9-12)
Creating math worksheets
Choosing a college major
(maybe even education or math!)

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