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Quadratic Word Problems

Member # 1 :

Problem:    You are trying to figure out the dimensions of a rectangle. The length of the rectangle is  
                  6 inches more than its width. The area of the rectangle is 91 square inches. Find the      
                   dimensions of the rectangle.  Set up a diagram and find the dimensions of the rectangle  
                   by solving the quadratic.

Problem:    When a flare is fired upward at 58. 8 meters per second, its height, h in meters, is given   
                 by the equation h = -4.9t^2 + 58.8t. How long will it take for the flare to hit the ground?

Member # 2 :

Problem:  An object is launched at 19.6 meters per second (m/s) from a 58.8-meter tall platform.      
                 The equation for the object's height
s at time t seconds after launch is s(t) = –4.9t2 +      
t + 58.8
, where s is in meters. When does the object strike the ground?

A picture has a height that is 4/3 its width. It is to be enlarged to have an area of 192      
                     square inches. What will be the dimensions of the enlargement?

Memeber # 3:

Problem :     A ball is thrown into the air at velocity of 32 m/s from a 48 meter tall platform. The
                    equation for the object's height s at time t seconds after thrown is s(t) = -16t
2 +          
t + 48
, where s is in meters. When does the ball hit the ground?

Problem:       Suppose that one leg of a right triangle is 12 inches while the hypotenuse is              
√10 inches. Find the length of the other leg of the triangle.